Tales of Sir Calm-a-lot

  My almost 13 year old boy, Yash, has taught us so much during these turbulent times. I've found a new found respect for his really calm, composed demeanour.  During school days, whether it was online school or physical school, the rest of us at home would be scampering to get everything ready for him so he is on time. Yash would just slowly waltz in, as if there is no reason to rush, have his breakfast, get ready on time and sit for his classes (or walk to his bus). If you were to watch that scene as an outsider, it would be as if the rest of us were in 1.5X speed and he was Neo from Matrix! Here's an incident- In a first of its kind, Yash went to his friend's place for group studies (how it qualifies as a group when it's just the two of them, I dunno!). Come evening, he called up my husband to book him a cab home. Since the location wasn't getting identified, he had to walk a bit to get to where the cab was. Calls going on between my husband, Yash and the cabbie.

7 reasons why I love Pramiti - Yash V Kowdley

This post is from Yash himself. When I discussed about how I constantly get queries on his experience so far at Pramiti, we felt it might be good to capture his thoughts as a guide to parents who are looking to take this journey. Yash is in 7th grade now and joined Pramiti for 1st grade. Our journey of finding a school for him has been captured here  I can say that it has been a beautiful, amazing journey where me and Vickram (my husband) have enjoyed watching our son grow into a responsible, kind and smart young adult!! So for the first time on a blog about himself, in this post Yash is penning down his thoughts in his own words. A pic chosen by Yash for this post :) I love my school Pramiti, and after 7 years of being in this school; I would like to share 7 reasons why I love Pramiti! Without further ado I will share with all of you my most favorite features and things about my school. One thing that stands out most (to me) about Pramiti is the friends I made there, I love the compan

We, the Corona Survivors!

 We're now Corona Survivors!! I felt it is important to share my experience being on the other side of fear so that it can help others who are in a similar situation. Long post alert! Trying to recreate the timeline as below: Me and my husband both started having temperature on the 12th July.  By 13th July , I developed dry cough. We were managing with medicines for the symptoms and later decided to consult a doctor. The doctor advised me to start antibiotics as he felt it appeared to be an upper respiratory tract infection. My husband continued to just take paracetamol for his temperature.  On the fifth day of feeling ill, I lost my sense of taste and smell. We bought a Pulse Oximeter and kept track of my saturation and pulse. My pulse remained elevated. The saturation was at 94-95 and the pulse was at 125+  On further consultation with the doctor, he advised change of medicines to include a new antibiotic and an anti flu. He also advised that we take the test.  We got the refer

Saving the artist in your child!

Last week, we got to attend the 'Parent - Adult - Interaction' at my son's school. My son Yash is almost 10 years old now. The experience was fantastic and we came home feeling satisfied with his growth and development, once again our confidence in our choice of school for him was reiterated. The art teacher showed us his paintings and told us something, that has got the educator in me, thinking. She said that his paintings were really good, with bold usage of colours, confident strokes (reminded me of Taare Zameen Par 😜 ). However, she added that he is not confident of himself as an artist, and felt that his initiation into art has been wrong. He thinks pencil and pen rather than colours (paints) and brush. She said that he was probably introduced to art as 'colour within the lines', 'fill the picture with colours' and other similar activities that did not do him any good. This is true at most schools and homes. In the name of art, we make